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    Business Law

    You know how to run your business; we're here to make sure your legal rights and obligations are covered. Brubaker Terpstra is a full-service business law firm, providing services such as:

    • Company formation
    • Operating agreements
    • Corporate filings
    • Complex transactions
    • Regulatory compliance
    • Cease and desist letters
    • Taxation issues
    • Contracts
    • Real estate and real property

    Intellectual Property Law


    Innovation requires significant inputs of time and money. A patent allows inventors to secure their rights in their inventions, enabling them to monetize on those inputs and create value in the research and development process.



    Your brand is your business. Trademarks protect business and product names and logos.



    Once you've secured your intellectual property you have the right to sell or license it. Whether you're a patent owner looking to license your product or a potential franchisee looking to secure a license to someone else's trademark, we can help you navigate the complex web of laws, regulations, disclosures, and filings to achieve your goals.



    Trademarks protect your business name, product name, or logos. While a patent can protect your inventions, they cannot prevent others from marketing products in ways similar to yours, nor can you be certain a competitor won't accuse you of the same.